The Special Foundation is a privately funded social impact organization focused on building Africa’s next set of Leaders by refining their minds through education. We seek to achieve this by empowering less privileged, gifted African Children through education, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

The foundation was created by Seyi Akinwale through his vision to improve the quality of leadership in all spheres of governance in Africa and ensure the creation of a platform where more young people can maximize their potential by gaining access to education.

Our Vision

“Making dreams come true”

We dream of an Africa where more young people have access to an education and the essential tools that provides them with a foundation to be positive change agents to their respective communities, the African continent and the World.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of leadership in Africa by providing a platform where less privileged and highly talented children can be equipped with an education, mentoring and leadership training to bring about a positive influence to their world.

The Special Youth Foundation

A Note from Our Founder

Like most young Africans that were educated and raised in Africa, I grew up frustrated by the quality of Leadership in governance. I often wondered why the continent appeared plagued by bad leadership. I soon realized that the leaders were a reflection of the people, and the lack of the right type of education and a high level of illiteracy appeared to be the bane of our existence.

From years of brooding on this society ill, it became clear that there was a need for an Africa led platform that will combat this challenge a child and a community at a time. We may not be able to change this generation, but we have a responsibility to ensure the next generation are equipped to be better than we are.

Education can fix a lot of social ills we have in our society and impacts every area of our life. It can lead to better domestic production, reduced crime, improved health, gender equality, better choice of leaders and a better future.

Every child regardless of the economic situation of their parents deserve to be able to dream and we seek to make their dreams come true. This is a call to action as we seek to educate the future of Africa.

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Our footprint

Through cooperation agreements with State and local governments, missionary societies and schools, we currently sponsor children across Nigeria with the vision to move to other African Countries over the next year. We have an operating office in Lagos which coordinates all our activities.

Resources & Downloads

The Special Foundation Brochure