This scholarship is targeted at orphaned and vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities. We provide tuition (including cost of books and other materials) to children in primary and secondary schools.

Inspire scholarship - The Special Foundation

Who qualifies for the scholarship?

The applicants must be orphaned (lost one or both parents) and or a disadvantaged child. Orphan children who have lost the breadwinner or a disadvantaged child with both parents who are unable to fend for the child. All applicants must be less than 18 years.

Scholarships are restricted to day and boarding Government, Private or mission schools in Africa. The scholarship will not sponsor children outside of their country of residence at this time. The scholarship is valid until the student completes their secondary education.

Documents required

The applicants birth certificate

Letter from the school confirming enrolment

Most recent results from the school

Death certificate or a letter from local authority confirming the death of one parent

Demonstration of lack of capacity by the parents

Conditions required

  • The results of the sponsored child must be submitted to the Foundation at the end of each term

He who opens a school door, closes a prison.

- Victor Hugo

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