The Special Foundation is a social impact organization raising young African leaders through education by providing platforms for them to fulfil their God given purpose. Founded by … in 2018 out of their personal convictions, heartfelt compassion as well as their personal experiences of orphan-hood, we are contemporary Africans moving the African continent forward through education and opportunities.

our Programs

  • Inspire Scholarship

    This scholarship is targeted at orphaned and vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities. We provide tuition (including cost of books and other materials) to children in primary and secondary schools.

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  • Special Scholarship

    Special Scholarship is merit based and targeted at identifying gifted students for local tertiary institutions. This scholarship is available to students under the age of 21 and covers tuition (including books and other materials).

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  • Mentorship

    This is a merit-based program that focuses on identifying young talents through a rigorous selection process and linking them with opportunities or platforms that will allow them best fulfill their potential. This may involve pairing them with a successful professional in their chosen career....

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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

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