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Welcome to The Special Foundation Blog

Welcome to the Special Foundation Blog, the blog for The Special Foundation, a privately funded social impact organization focused on building Africa’s next set of leaders by refining their minds through education.

Education can fix a lot of social ills in our society and it impacts every area of our life. It can lead to better domestic production, reduced crime, improved health, gender equality, better choice of leaders and a better future.

The notion of "Making dreams come true" - Our Vision lies at the heart of the realization that most children in Africa due to no fault of theirs have no access to either quality education or no education at all. Every child regardless of the economic situation of their parents deserve to be able to dream and we seek to make their dreams come true.

We dream of an Africa where more young people have access to an education and the essential tools that provide them with a foundation to be positive change agents to their respective communities, the African continent, and the world.

In this blog, we will share information about ongoing projects and plans of the foundation and our thoughts on the ways by which we can educate the future of Africa.

We will also share with you any other news relating to The  Special Foundation.

You are more than welcome to respond, add comments and suggestions. We only ask that we keep our comments relevant to the conversations that take place here.

We moderate comments and will remove any offensive or irrelevant. That means if you simply come by to advertise your website(note: often considered SPAM), your comment will be deleted.

We encourage that you visit the 'Who we are section' of our website and learn more about us. We also encourage you to get involved in our foundation either by volunteering or donating to the cause.

Thank you for reading and helping to create the right environment for the educational development of underprivileged children.