On the 16th of October 2021, our Partnership Manager, Sola Ogunbiyi was at WFM to highlight some of our work, our impact and the big why – why we do what we do and why more people need to be involved.


Speaking on the ‘big why’, Sola said “Millions of Nigerian kids don’t have access or the means to quality education, and large populations of these kids reside in underserved communities. This is a large population of our future as a nation; a future that carries the hopes of Nigeria. The Special Foundation is committed to supporting and providing access to quality education for kids in underserved communities through our programs”.


In the preparation for a better Nigeria, the government has a part to play. You and I as citizens also have a part in making the future work. “A number of Nigerians have mentally checked out and aren’t hopeful about Nigeria becoming better. In order to prime young Nigerians for a better future, they have to have a quality education. But there is a large population of people who are growing with little or no access to education,  and these groups of people will one day be employees or run a business or try to run for an office and if they don’t have this solid foundation, then it is a recipe for disaster.”


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