Liga Caroline’s passion to help and support kids in underserved communities qualified her for a scholarship. Her story and journey so far are nothing short of inspirational.


Caroline, from a family of 8, lost her Dad when she was in SS1. For two years, her mom took on the role of breadwinner, cheerleader, and support system to Caroline and her siblings. It was indeed a tough burden to bear.


In 2014, her family lost everything during an attack by Fulani herdsmen in their community. She was left in despair. She worried about her future as her dreams were dashed by these challenges. She decided to leave her family in search of opportunities that could help her further her education. She served as a house help to a family and in return, the family paid for her school fees at the College of Education Zuba. She did this until she was able to graduate from school.


A year after graduation, a friend directed her to Kazahchat School Abuja, where she was given the opportunity to volunteer and support kids in their learning. Kazachat School is one of our partners in delivering quality education to kids in underserved communities in Abuja. The feedback and recommendation from representatives at the school indicated that Caroline was a good fit for our Special Scholarship Program. Her passion and dedication earned her a place.


At TSF, we believe every child has a right to dream and we were interested in supporting these dreams. Caroline has been properly onboarded into our Special Scholarship Program and is currently enrolled at the University of Abuja studying Economics Education. The Foundation is committed to providing and supporting Caroline through her university education, and her future plans.


We look forward to the many feats she will achieve.


We appreciate everyone who has supported the Foundation in one way or the other. We believe we can still do more for people who need a little support to achieve their dreams.


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